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five pillars of branding

The 5 Pillars of Branding

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So you want to make a name for yourself or your product, but are uncertain of your brand identity? You want to know what to do to create an image that you’re happy with and can be proud of? You’ve come to the right place!

We’re going to give you five recommendations you absolutely need
to understand and incorporate before launching your brand.

As a forewarning, these recommendations are geared toward generalization and should always be kept in mind that all brands are unique- implementing the concepts you find useful and tweak the others to fit your identity.

So… Let’s jump right in!

Know Yourself

Whether you are branding yourself or your product, a vital part of the process is to know yourself and what you want your name to portray. If you don’t know yourself,

how can you expect your customers to know and trust you or your product?

Before establishing a brand identity, you should determine your certainty of how you want to define yourself and/or your product and then plan to live by your personal definition. Additionally, it is normal for your brand to evolve over time and for facets of it to change throughout time.


Know Your Target Market

Another key part of successfully marketing your brand identity is to know what your target market wants and to obtain that knowledge; learning about the audience demand is important.

Make the people you want to reach feel spoken to and understood.

Giving your target market  the feeling of equality in a business context is a very successful strategy in building a solid base.


Know How to Communicate

Once you have an understanding of your target market, you will start to comprehend how they communicate and you can respond accordingly. If your target market  is lawyers, communicating with them like they are teenagers wouldn’t be the most effective option and vice versa.

Another factor of communication to consider is simplicity. Be simple when conveying your message, too much information isn’t perceived in the same way.
An example:
Imagine I were to throw one ball at you.  There’s a very high chance that you would catch one ball.
Now, imagine that I am throwing two balls at you. In this scenario, you might catch one of the two balls, if you’re concentrated.

Finally, imagine I were to simultaneously throw ten balls at you. How many do you think you would catch? Probably not one! To clarify… If your audience is overwhelmed with information, similar to how I, hypothetically, overwhelmed you with the ten balls, they are unlikely to recall any of the provided information.


Know How to Impress

Boring your audience should not be a priority for you.

Be creative, be brave and try new things every so often.

Incorporate a measurable element of surprise into your strategy and mix things up occasionally to keep things exciting. Now, surprise and excitement only works to a certain extent. Too much of it can divert from the image you are trying to project and confuse the audience.
The answer to this is our last pillar!


Know Consistency

Even though sporadic excitement is an entertaining method of catching attention, the last and one of the most important pillars on our list is consistency.
Be consistent with your content and with the image you want to convey to show certainty to your target market in retaining information. Additionally, consistency shines a professional light on your business.



With deeper understanding of the five concepts we highlighted, you can be certain of creating a brand that aligns with your persona definition! For some more exceedingly helpful tips, check out one of our favorite goddesses of branding: Bernadette Jiwa’s blog!


In conclusion, hopefully this helped you figure out what your next step should be and maybe even recognize that your brand is already perfected and ready to launch.

If you’re not 100% convinced that your brand is perfect, it probably isn’t.
Listen to your gut and work on it until you’re completely satisfied.

We certainly wish you the best of luck!

Nitzy x

P.S. Feel free to share this post to help colleagues struggling with branding and tell us about your favorite branding stories in the comment section below.


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