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32 Amazing Illustrators to Follow on Instagram

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Ladies and gentlemen welcome aboard our epic blog post of 33 illustrators to follow on Instagram bound for mind blowing with continued service to breath taking.

All carry-on items should now be stowed securely either in a bowl specified for snacks or already coursing through your digestive tract.

All electronic devices should be turned ON and ready to comment, like, and share your favorite illustrators.

Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the read.


Eleni Kalorkoti

London based Eleni Kalorkoti, originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, is an alumni of the Edinburgh College of Art.
Ms. Kalorkoti graduated in 2007 before continuing her training at Edinburgh Printmakers in screenprinting.

Her simplistic approach not only made us love her, but also appealed to some major clients like The New York Times, The V&A, and Random House Publishing.

Walk and talk.

A photo posted by Eleni Kalorkoti (@elenikalorkoti) on


Esther Salomé Schipper

Esther Salomé Schipper is a twenty year old architecture student from the Netherlands.

Although drawing is nothing more than one of her hobbies, we believe that her attention to detail and unbelievable talent for precision are what make her an illustrator to watch and therefore worthy of a “follow”.

Just see for yourself!

Take a step back.

A photo posted by Esther Salomé Schipper (@esthership) on


Although we LOVE our fellow Europeans, for now, we’re traveling Stateside…


Mark Ryden

Hopping over the pond we find SoCal based artist Mark Ryden, whose work first got noticed around the 1990s and continues to amaze and confuse us.

Ryden prides himself in works that can be described with words ranging from “cute” to “cryptic” and “disturbing”.

His fairytale like illustrations tend to convey very dark and controversial elements making viewers think.

A perfect example is this gem.


Elsa Chang

Chang is an LA  based artist who has worked for some major names like Nickelodeon and Paramount Animation.

Currently, she is a character designer at Dreamworks TV Animation.

This illustration of the “Mother of Dragons” is a perfect representation of her incredibly charming style.


Nan Lawson

In addition to creating her own characters, Lawson gives existing fan favorites her own creative spin.

If you love her as much as we do and just NEED one of her pieces on your wall, check out her website.

One of our favorites is a girl, kissed by fire.

If we die, we die. But first we'll live. #gameofthrones #ygritte #illustration #artistsoninstagram #nanlawson

A photo posted by Nan Lawson (@nanlawson) on


Llew Mejia

Meija’s cultural background and moving between Mexico and the Southwestern United States reflects in his work and patterns.

Equipped with many different talents including packaging, branding, and computer generated illustration, he now resides in San Francisco, California working as a textile designer.

Some of Meija’s clients include Adidas, Reebok, and Patagonia.


Evan Yarbrough

Evan Yarbrough, an  impressive LA based artist with an equally impressive clientele including Linkin Park, Fall Out Boy, Samsung and Dodge, to name a few.

We’re obsessed with his canine postcards!

Ghost the Direwolf.

A photo posted by Evan Yarbrough (@3vanimal) on


Mike Mitchell (Sir Mitchell)

This talented individual from the South of the US illustrates animals as if they had gone to one too many Texan barbecues.

There’s no denying it… fat animals are always cute!


Lisa Perrin

The next artist on our list is a “mover, shaker, picture maker” from Cleveland, Ohio.

Her work portrays a certain mysticism that is enhanced by her colour combinations, a perfect fit for her clients, including Nobrow and Scout Books.

In this illustration, the dark background gives a certain edge to the modern day fairy tale feeling.


Abby Diamond

An artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, describing herself as a “lion-haired art girl” recently caught our attention with her unique approach to watercolor paintings.

Like the fox pictured below, her illustrations have beauty in their mistaken incompletion.

Coloring a wolf commission. Finishing so many paintings today!

A photo posted by Abby Diamond (@finchfight) on


Anna Bond

Anna Bond, residing in Winter Park, Florida, is the founder and creative director of Rifle Paper Co., a stationary and gift brand.

Bond’s use of colour and patterns are not only very endearing, but nonchalant to boot… take a look!


Casey Weldon

Brooklyn based artist Casey Weldon’s approach on illustration is, well, let’s just say different.

Weldon’s obscure representation of animals and women is peculiar, but fiercely intriguing.


Tyler Carter

Blue Sky Studios employed vis dev (visual development) artist Tyler Carter also has a place on our list. The New Yorker definitely has an eye for design and a vivid imagination.

Check it out!

Quick doodle for todays #sketch_dailies #centaur

A photo posted by Tyler Carter (@tycarterart) on


Sam Spratt

Spratt has done some pretty impressive work including a theatrical poster of a film starring Samuel L. Jackson (Big Game) and a collector’s edition steel game case for the Borderlands Handsome Collection.

Spratt’s art on an album of American rapper Logic, was even held by Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show!


Steve Martin

Aspiring to illustrate and write, this Kiwi graphic designer triggers our curiosity with his abstract portrayal of very complex characters.



Ping Zhu

The LA-native, currently living in Brooklyn, Ping Zhu has a humorous way of approaching her art describing it as “ugly drawings” and “less ugly drawings” on her homepage.

Her clients, for example The New York Times, The New Yorker, GAP and The Wall Street Journal, would certainly agree with us upon disagreeing with Ping Zhu.

Her illustrations are wildly creative and fun to admire.

Some illos for The Oyster Review, live today!

A photo posted by Ping Zhu (@pingszoo) on


Lisk Feng

While very simple, Feng’s illustrations tend to shine in their distinctness.

Magazines such as The New York Times, Life Magazine and Fast Company Magazine have commissioned Feng in the past.

In addition to illustrating very amusing pieces such as women doing yoga, Feng also creates works with high complexity meant to make viewers think.


A photo posted by Lisk Feng (@liskfeng) on


Meera Lee

A magician with watercolor living in Brooklyn, New York named Meera Lee also managed to acquire some prime real estate on our epic list of awesome illustrators.

Lee has been commissioned by clients like TESCO, ARTCRANK, and Platform Magazine.

Her illustrations are recognizable and have an original style depicting playfulness mixed with elegance.


Jeannie Phan

Leaving the United States, we head up to Toronto, Canada, where we find Jeannie Phan.

Phan is an illustrator whose work has been in The New York Times, Reader’s Digest and more.

Her work is quirky and abstract, which we love! Besides illustrating, this talented gal also enjoys plant photography and hanging with her cat, Odin.

Forlorn woman disappointed by 6in Subway Sandwich

A photo posted by Jeannie Phan (@jeanniephan) on


James White

The last Canadian on our list is certainly not least impressive!

This talented illustrator has worked for some big guns like Nike, Diesel, and Google!

White gives his illustrations distinct features conveying power, pride, and a certain amount of masculinity.

It is undoubtedly cool!!

#R1DRIVE poster. Nitro edition.

A photo posted by signalnoise (@signalnoise) on



Awesome so far, right??

I mean there are some truly talented artists on this list!

Hold up, we’re not quite done yet… let’s head back to Europe.


John Bond

The name’s Bond… John Bond and he’s also from the UK!

We don’t know if he likes his martini shaken or stirred, but we do know that he has a license to amaze.

BBC, MTV, Nickelodeon, and Mars are just some of the internationally recognizable names on Bond’s client list.

A little character I did for a recent thing.

A photo posted by @iamjohnbond on


Stanley Chow

Manchester based Stan Chow is another great illustrator worthy of following.

He has worked with brands like Coca Cola, McDonalds and The New Yorker.

You can also check out the amazing work he did for McDonalds in this Little Piccadilly video.

Sold out.

A photo posted by Stanley Chow (@stan_chow) on


Rob Hodgson

Endearing, precious, lovable…  all words that could be used to describe Hodgson’s noteworthy style.

Illustrations like these can be enjoyed by children and adults!

? Bigfoot boneless ?

A photo posted by Rob Hodgson (@berthodgson) on


Peter Otoole

Another illustrator with an extremely impressive client list full of big names including Microsoft, Adidas, and Durex.

We give you, an example of his talents:

A photo posted by @peterotooleart on


Gabriel Moreno

This artist from Madrid, Spain gives his illustrations exclusivity by combining vivid colours and black and white.

We adore his ladies in animal masks!

Donkey #illustration #art #drawing

A photo posted by Gabriel Moreno (@gmorenoillustration) on



Another mystery worthy of a follow. We don’t even know the name of this artist, but we definitely know that we love these cool and edgy illustrations!

Commission lip set. 1,2&3.

A photo posted by @ckovska on


Luke Dixon

Luke Dixon a.k.a. The Bearhug is yet another capable artist who prints his illustrations onto t-shirts and sweaters and sells them online.

Dixon’s work is incredibly elaborate while being effortlessly cool.



Dudes by Camillo is in fact literal.

Camillo’s work is almost entirely made up of dudes of all shapes and sizes!

It is truly absurd and amazing!

Finally they are here. Available on #dudesbycamilllo

A photo posted by Dudes by Camilllo (@dudesbycamilllo) on


Alberto Reyes Francos

Do you like seeing your favorite celebrities illustrated into reality?

Then Alberto Reyes Francos is the man for you to follow on Instagram!

His style is exceedingly detail oriented and we are sure that even your favorite celeb is in this Spaniard’s gallery!


Sam Yong

This New Zealander, living in Melbourne is a genius with a sharpie.

His illustrations, though black and white, are vivid and detailed. Yong creates dark and powerful images that give even us a rush when we spot them on our Instagram feed.


Karin Söderquist

The Swedish alumna from the Camberwell College of Arts in London now back in Sweden, resides in Stockholm, where she now works as a freelance illustrator.

Her clients include Leopard Förlang, Finansliv, and Viva!.

Her use of colour and shapes is completely hypnagogic.

Get ready to fall in love…


Jeremy Kyle

Auckland based artist Jeremy Kyle’s work is so inspiring that people get it tattooed on their bodies. If you don’t believe me, see for yourself on his instagram page!

We absolutely see why someone would though, his illustrations are incredible.



Unfortunately that was the last illustrator of our epic blogpost of our 33 favorite illustrators to follow on Instagram.


I know.. we’re bummed too.


Nonetheless, we would like to welcome you to your destination and hope our journey has provided you with some new information and inspiration.

On behalf of our whole team we would like to thank you for choosing to read this epic blog post.

It’s been a pleasure having you on board with us and we hope to see you soon on another post!


If you have a favorite illustrator on Instagram that was not mentioned by us, please feel free to leave a comment below!


Nitzy x

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  1. Thank you so much for posting all of these! I’ve been trying to find more fellow illustrators to follow, and I adore your selection.

    Keep up the wonderful work!

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