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Find the Hidden Mickeys

Are You Clever Enough to Find These “Hidden Mickeys”?!

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Do you know this little fellow?

Hidden Mickeys

That was a rhetorical question… Obviously!
Who doesn’t know Mickey Mouse?!
He’s only one of the most famous mascots of the Walt Disney Company!

But are you also aware of the fact that there are such things as “Hidden Mickeys”?


“Hidden Mickeys” are representations of Mickey Mouse that have been integrated into Disney movies or other Disney-related products. Mostly Mickey Mouse would be represented in his simplest form, i.e. in just three circles forming his head and ears.

Note that a majority of “Hidden Mickeys” takes the form of water ripples and bubbles, perhaps because this is the easiest way to introduce various circles of all shapes and sizes.


You can also find complete and more complex representations of Mickey Mouse and other characters, but Mickey is by far the most famous one to spot.
And as we just said, the appearance of “Hidden Mickeys” is not limited to movies only.
Check out the landscape and the decor of Disneyland, for example.


Anyway, finding these “Hidden Mickeys” in Disney movies is a fun thing to do and because we know that everyone can use a bit of fun from time to time, we have compiled a list with our favorites so you can challenge yourself and see if you’re clever enough to find these tricky “Hidden Mickeys”.

And then again, the “Hidden Mickey”-story also serves as some kind of pretext to
finally write a blog post on Disney.

So let’s all go on the adventure of discovering “Hidden Mickeys” right now!


Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs (1937)

This might be the first full-length animated film by the Walt Disney company, but you can spot a “Hidden Mickey” quite early when Snow White scrubs the steps of the castle:

Snow White Hidden Mickey

See where it is?

Snow White

Also, the other main characters, which would be the dwarfs, are also great at hiding representations of Mickey Mouse.

Can you find the one hidden in this picture?

Snow White

We’re sure you can.

Hidden Mickey

Dumbo (1941)

Remember what we said in the beginning about water bubbles taking the form of “Hidden Mickeys”? You might also want to take that as a clue for our next screenshot from Dumbo:


See what we’re talking about?



Cinderella (1950)

The “Hidden Mickey” we found in this lovely movie is more obvious than most, don’t you think?



The Rescuers (1977)

Again, the beginning of Disney films seems to be perfect for hiding Mickeys. Look at this shot from the Rescue Aid Society assembly at the United Nations in New York City:

The Rescuers

Come a bit closer… there it is:

Hidden Mickey

Oliver & Company (1988)

Here we give you another obvious Mickey we found on the stray dogs’ human friend Fagin:

Oliver & Company


The Little Mermaid (1989)

Examine the crowd of concertgoers carefully. Can you spot the “Hidden Mickey” and his two famous companions?

The Little Mermaid

Of course you can:

The Little Mermaid


Beauty And The Beast (1991)

When the Beast grants Belle access to his wonderful library, a representation of our friend the mouse is hiding in there too.

Beauty and the Beast

In fact it’s right at the top of the majestic pillar:

Hidden Mickey


Aladdin (1992)

This time you can spot Mickey at the end of the film when Rajah moves from a baby cub to some kind of Mickey mouse back into a full-sized tiger:


This species is quite a cute one, right?



The Lion King (1994)

After having been cast out from the Pride Lands, Simba becomes friends with Timon and Pumbaa – and with their meals consisting of insects…

The Lion King

… Slimy, yet satisfying!

The Lion King


Lilo & Stitch (2002)

Knowing how to hula is essential, so it doesn’t come off as a surprise that a representation of Mickey Mouse is hidden somewhere in the following shot of the hula lesson Lilo gives Stitch.

Lilo & Stitch

This seems like fun!

Lilo & Stitch

Wreck-It Ralph (2012)

No place is impossible or unreachable for Mickey to hide. See for yourself…

Wreck-It Ralph

I mean – who hides on billboards?! Oh right… Mickey does.

Billboard Mickey


Frozen (2012)

Mickey also finds a great place to hide in Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post, as you can see from this example taken from Disney’s latest smash hit Frozen.

Frozen Hidden Mickey

This one was a bit harder, wasn’t it:



Now brace yourself for the bad news – the fun’s already over.
Just to get you thinking – why did we make this post?
Only for fun?

We won’t deny that fun was a component here, but we also launched this post in order to show you how important it is for you as an artist to be recognizable. Make people know your style.

Do you have a mascot too?

If you do, you could decide to subtly integrate it into your works as well.
Trust us – this will make your fans spread the word. Consequently, more people will notice your art, and we bet that there are a few potential customers among them. You should absolutely try to make the most of that to promote your business and increase your audience.

Second (and here comes the fun again) –
have you ever stumbled upon “Hidden Mickeys” that we didn’t mention?


Please share them with us by leaving a comment below, and see if we are clever enough to find them!
Also – do not hide the secrets we’ve just revealed from your Disney-crazy friends and fellow artists!

Share this post and have fun finding the Mickeys together!
We can assure you that we had a blast at the office while trying to find all these cute little fellows.


Cheers and see you soon in Disneyland to go on the quest of finding more
“Hidden Mickeys” together!

Nitzy x

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