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Fashion Illustrators on Instagram

18 Stunning Fashion Illustrators to Follow on Instagram

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blairz (Blair Breitenstein)

To kick off this post of our 18 favorite fashion illustrators on Instagram, is Seattle-based, Blair Breitenstein. Her illustrations prominent features and thick eyebrows make them unique.

Ms. Breitenstein’s work looks effortlessly classy and chic.

The illustrations often include attire or accessories of famous luxury brands such as Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton, and Prada. We love these sassy illustrations as much as her clients, which include Oscar de la Renta, Samsung, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

A photo posted by Blair Breitenstein (@blairz) on


paperfashion (Katie Rodgers)

What makes this Georgian (USA) unique is the use of texture in the illustrations. Different types of glitter and sequins bring Katie Rodgers’ simplistic brush strokes to life.

Ms. Rodgers’ work varies in sizes as well and she has worked with clients like Cartier, Veuve Clinquot, and Georgio Armani.

We love this tiny illustration she made with pink color and gold glitter.

Dressed for Spring.

A photo posted by Katie Rodgers (@paperfashion) on


jessillustrator (Jessica Durrant)

Another native Georgian, Jessica Durant from Atlanta, enchants us with her skillful use of watercolors.

Although Ms. Durrant now mainly teaches painting courses at The Art Station Big Shanty in Kennesaw, Georgia, she has done work for Target, Country Living Magazine, Elle Brazil, and many more.

Jessica Durrant’s work is exceedingly diverse, ranging from very dark displays of emotion, to bright pastels that remind of warm spring days.  


griottosophie (Sophie Griotto)

Sophie Griotto, a French illustrator, displays her work at the Hôtel Rayz’ private suite walls in Paris. Ms. Griotto’s work is even featured in Taschen’s 100 Illustrators.

The representations of French fashionistas almost make us jealous that we’re not like them.


sarahbeetson (Sarah Beetson)

The incredibly talented Sarah Beetson from the UK has done some incredible work for famous companies such as US Airways, Ikea, and American Eagle Outfitters.

Ms. Beetson was even a print design intern for Stella McCartney! Her work is unique, crazy, and vibrant. We think it speaks for itself. Take a look.


judithvandenhoek (Judith Van Den Hoek)

Based in Gouda, The Netherlands (which is coincidentally also the name of our favorite cheese), Judith Van Den Hoek is infamous for her elegant and simplistic approach on fashion illustration.

We, as well has her remarkable clientele (including Givenchy and Burberry), are mesmerized by the stylish beauty of her work.


jamieleereardin (Jamie Lee Reardin)

LA based Canadian, Jamie Lee Reardin, nearly forces us to fall in love with her work which is very strongly influenced by Tim Burton.

Dior and Balmain Paris are just two names on her large and exceptional client list. We adore her edgy statures and long-legged, long-necked ladies.

d o u b l i n g u p #dior #thedailyscribble

A photo posted by Jamie Lee Reardin (@jamieleereardin) on


petitestreet (Tiffany Loh)

Multi-talented Tiffany Loh is a writer, illustrator and digital illustrator.

This Australian hooks us with endearing presentations of day to day objects and more. Ms. Loh’s description of her art as “a celebration of the little things in life” could not be more accurate.

Colour is overrated #petitestreetdrawing

A photo posted by Petite Street (@_petitestreet_) on


bildonovan (Bil Donovan)

Another multi-talented individual, artist, illustrator, author, and instructor Bil Donovan has worked with names like Christian Dior and Vogue.

We can certainly see why his clients love his work.



This person is a complete and utter mystery to us. All we know is that we love how he or she illustrates faces.


thelustlist (Sally Spratt)

“If I  can’t have them, I’ll draw them.”

Quoting Australian Sally Spratt, her style makes us want the things she draws as well! Her clients, such as Bailey’s and Chapstick, certainly used that to their advantage.

THE LUST LIST | Keeping Warm #thelustlist #tibi #countryroad #seedheritage Tap for details

A photo posted by THE LUST LIST (@_thelustlist_) on


aaronfavaloro (Aaron Favaloro)

Sydney’s Aaron Favaloro has a very high profile fan base. His illustrations have been adored by celebrities such as Oliver Rousteing, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and even Oprah!

We especially love this artist because he gives his illustrations an aspect of real life making them appear shorter than the average model. I mean really, we can’t all be a towering height of 180cm!

Designer and the dress, the first in this little series from this years met ball @kimkardashian wearing @robertocavalli designed by @peter_dundas

A photo posted by Afavaloro Fashion Illustrator (@aaronfavaloro) on


lepip (Pippa McManus)

Creating very realistic works of art, Australian Pippa McManus captivates us with her bold colour combinations and distinctive talent to capture emotion.


mehmetagar (Mehmet Agar)

There is a certain softness that make Istanbul native Mehmet Agar’s artwork special. Even illustrations with bold features are made to look very smooth with his shading and use of colours.

Still in Progress ?✌? / Givenchy SS 13

A photo posted by Mehmet Agar (@mehmetagar) on


irica (Irica M.)

Stockholm based illustrator Irica M.’s work is original and can easily be defined by the noses of the illustrations combined with very specific bold strokes and funky colour combinations.

Inspiration from @the_corner_store

A photo posted by ️FASHION ILLUSTRATOR ( on



This Russian artist is also a mystery. All we know about him or her is that we LOVE these adorable illustrations!



Another mystery, faitlamode’s illustrations have very prominent cheekbones, wide hips and small waists. We love her (we assume the illustrator and owner of this account to be female, due to one of the posts) depictions of well known celebs.

Ghost – Beyoncé

A photo posted by Fashion Illustrator (@faitlamode) on



We recently came across this talented artist while browsing our Instagram and seeing that Lanvin had posted one of his illustrations. We are glad we found this illustrator because we love his representation of fashion, women, and men.



So, folks, those were our 18 favorite fashion illustrators on Instagram that we feel are decidedly deserving of more followers.


If we didn’t mention your favorite illustrator or you want to share your opinion, leave a comment below. Also, share with your friends to inspire them as well!



Nitzy x

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