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Game of Thrones Fan Art

#FanArtFriday – The Game of Thrones Way

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You all know what time of the week it is…

That’s right, its #FanArtFriday and we only have one thing to say about it…




After having read this infamous quote from one of the most internationally renowned television series (probably) ever, the content of our post is presumable.


We are dedicating this blog post to the cult phenomenon, Game of Thrones… more specifically, incredible, out of the box Game of Thrones fan art we have come to discover over the years.


These works of art are, in our opinion, as unique as fan art can get and we just LOVE every single one.


First up is a depiction of Sansa Stark by Liza Van Rees, which beautifully captures the eldest Stark daughter’s strength, courage, and pain.

Game of Thrones

Sansa Stark


Our next artist, Tokyo based Mike Wrobel, has a completely different approach towards creating incredible fan art. This colourful series paints an image of almost every major character.

Arya Stark Mike Wrobel

Mike Wrobel Rob Stark

John Snow Mike Wrobel

Bran Stark Mike Wrobel


The Kill List by Ricardo Bessa is an amazing representation of how fierce Arya Stark is. The meaning of this image is as clear as day, but did you notice the background colours are of the House of Stark?

Ricardo Bessa Game of Thrones


The Lannister family has never looked so good… or creepy. The Polish artist that goes by bubug really knows how to portray anything from Jaime Lannister’s arrogance to his sister Cersei’s maliciousness.

bubug Lannisters


On this particular list we have artists from all over the world. Again, this is, without a doubt, because of Game of Thrones’ massive global success. The artist of this illustration is from Montevideo, Uruguay. Matias Bergara’s rendition of Ygritte…

Matias Bergara Game of Thrones


Illustrated by the amazing Aki Yun Lee, we give you a crow with his dire wolf. The beauty and fluidity takes our breath away.

Aki Yun Lee Jon Snow


Staying North of The Wall, Burton Durand puts a Game of Thrones spin on the classic Where the Wild Things Are with “Where the Wildlings Are”.

Burton Durand Wildlings


The posterchild for being gracefully shrewd and emotionally intelligent is without a doubt Margaery Tyrell. Israeli, Mordi Levi’s depiction of the young queen is as beautiful as it is unique.

Mordi Levi Game of Thrones


Continuing with another fierce female, these two breathtaking images of Daenerys Targaryen perfectly represent the strength and power of the Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons.

The first is by kallielef from the United States.

kallielef Game of Thrones

The second artist also hails from the USA, Babs Tarr.

Babs Tarr Mother of Dragons


These three members of the Small Council were illustrated by an artist that goes by the name of coupleofkooks. Lord Baelish, Varys, and Pycelle each took an unbelievably short amount of time to create, 30 minutes to be exact. The lighting and shading is just exquisite.

coupleofcooks Small Council


In not so loving memory of King Joffrey Baratheon we have this image by Joshua Andrew Belanger.

Joshua Andrew Belanger The Hound


Brienne of Tarth is one of the most unique characters on the show, portraying strength and feminism, we think this piece of art by Rory Phillips does her justice!

Rory Phillips Game of Thrones


This Game of Thrones character alphabet designed by Mike Boon gives a new meaning to fan art. Do you know the character behind every letter?

Mike Boon Game of Thrones


A beautiful depiction of Brandon Stark and his Warg-ness with the three-eyed raven. Chapeau to kittrose for conjuring up this masterpiece.

kittrose Game of Thrones


Jon Snow by Jock is another great example of incredible fan art. This piece was shown at the Mondo Gallery’s Game of Thrones Show back in 2013.

Jon Snow by Jock


Daenerys by the well renowned painter and comic book artist Phil Noto is a stunning portrayal of Khaleesi’s confidence and elegance.

Phil Noto Khaleesi


We always love seeing fan made cover art, but this, by Rory Jasper McGinnity just blew us away!

Rory Jasper McGinnity


Unfortunately, that was all of the fan art we have for this weeks #FanArtFriday! Every single one of these artists is as talented as they get.


If you know of any other unique Game of Thrones fan art or want to suggest our next #FanArtFriday topic, just leave a comment below.


Make sure to share this post with your fellow fans of the seven kingdoms.


See you next week!

Nitzy x

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