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These 5 Branding Experts Reveal Their Secrets

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So you are aware of the fact that branding is quite a serious business, yet somehow all the different terms still confuse you and it’s hard to wrap your head around things. Fear not, brave businessman, safe haven is right ahead of you.

We have compiled a top 5 of the greatest posts on the subject “branding” and on what the fuss is all about.



1. 6 Key Logo Design Factors For Good Branding by Ian Mills

Yeah well… This is a darn accurate title we couldn’t have written any better ourselves.

A great logo is an important (but not the only) part of branding and you should definitely read this article for Huffington Post to discover why your logo plays such an important role – and which six features it should have.


2. What Is Branding by Canny Creative

Canny Creative is a design agency based in Newcastle and this awesome blog post by their Creative Director Tony Hardy has been re-tweeted over 100 times.

Learn some easy, low cost ways to make your branding strategy differ from others and get some insight in branding guidelines and great strategies used by some of the word’s most infamous brands, like Apple’s…

You can also watch a video to learn more about branding, if you prefer doing that. 

So if you want to know what branding is, why brands hire design agencies, and just how important branding is – read this.


3. Branding Boogie – Five Steps To Kick Up Your Brand by Karen Post

Karen Post, also known as the branding diva, is a famous entrepreneur and international branding authority.

Reading this article, you can follow the steps she took to take her career to the next level.

These steps can be applied to any individual company and make it a successful brand.

Now if that doesn’t make you want to read this…


4. Branding: Not Just A Logo by Heidi Cohen

Social media marketing expert and journalist Heidi Cohen provides you with three important elements of brands, five factors that make brands important, and with 12 questions that will help you develop your brand.

You might notice that the post is from early 2011, but trust us: nothing in this post has in any way become irrelevant.
Just read it.


5. Branding, Identity & Logo Design Explained by Jacob Cass

You might have heard of Jacob Cass, a logo and web designer that greatly influences the graphic design industry.

This post from 2010 still drives loads of traffic to his website – that’s what makes a great post, and that’s just one more reason to put it in our top 5.

Read it to get some more clarification on everything that’s “brand”, “identity”, and “logo”.

It’s not all the same, although you might tend to think so ‘cause everything’s connected!


Do you struggle with branding and all its contributing factors? What is your favorite post to catch up on things? Tell us in the comments!

Don’t forget to share the value! Pass on the Top 5 to your fellow business mates, so they can make the most of this great content too!

Now that you know the essentials – good luck with setting up or taking your brand to the next level.

We know you can make it!

P.S. The titles of the individual expert’s posts are links to the original and the name of the branding expert gives you a link to their websites.

Nitzy x


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