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how to be a trustworthy illustrator

The Importance of Being a Trustworthy Illustrator

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If you are an aspiring artist currently looking for work, making future clients trust you is a major priority. Sometimes this can be achieved by them looking at your portfolio and/or website.

Sounds easy enough, right?

Why is being trustworthy so important?

Basically, when a client has a problem, you are hired to find a solution. They have to trust you and your skills to solve the problem to their satisfaction.

Obviously, you have to gain their trust first. You can do that by considering just a few easy things, but don’t underestimate their power just because they sound so ordinary!


The Portfolio

Your portfolio is the first thing recruiters and art directors will check, so it is crucial that it is strong, showing only your best work in a high quality.

Note that in an online portfolio you might want to show a variety of work that you have done before, whereas physical portfolios should be targeted and job-specific. It should not contain everything you have worked on in your entire life.


The Website

This might be the most important point on our list.

You should have a nice, clear website that won’t scare recruiters away – and that makes it easy for them to find what they’re looking for.

This is especially important with regard to contact details – nothing is more irritating than a website, where it takes ages to find the information you’re looking for.

Art directors definitely won’t spend that time.

Make it well structured so it’s easy for them.


Additionally, you should list clients you have worked for in the past. The more renown, the better. Either way, a client list will make you look more trustworthy and awaken confidence.

So start building that list right now.


Also, add links to your profiles on social media platforms, so recruiters get the chance to follow up on your work. Maybe they’ll stumble upon some nice feedback you got from a client.

Apart from that, social media is simply a must-have in today’s business world, so make sure you fully embrace the opportunity.



You might not always be sure about the outcome of a particular project, but never, ever let your client notice that – being self-confident, open-minded, and showing a great personality is a critical constituent in the process of building art directors’ trust in you.

Being shy and insecure doesn’t lead anywhere in the business world, unfortunately.


Politeness and professionalism

You want something from the recruiters and you won’t get it by being an arrogant ass. Be sure you remember your good manners and always be polite when conversing, especially in job interviews.

When it’s mainly about sending emails, please do check them for embarrassing typos and correct grammar. Poor writing is a turn off to everybody.



If you consider all of the things that we just told you, you should definitely be capable of making art directors see you as a trustworthy illustrator – and hire you. Maybe they’ll even hire you again because they can rely on you and your skills.

And that is what you want, right?

If you don’t think you appear trustworthy yet, make sure to work on it.

We’d love to hear where your new found trustworthiness gets you – tell us in the comments.


Do you have some fellow artist mates, who don’t quite master all of the points we’ve mentioned above? Share this post with them to brighten their professional future.

Thank you, cheers!

Nitzy x

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