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You’re shooting for results. And know what illustration style will captivate and convert your target audience. Which is why we won’t make you rifle through 100 lookalike artists, like most agencies do. We have 6 illustrators with 6 distinct styles. Each one is uber-talented and experienced. Each style has been differentiated for your convenience. Each project is set up quickly, but given the care and focus required to hit the mark.


Nailing the brief is essential for success. As is giving the right feedback. But clearly communicating your vision is no walk in the park. And that’s why we’ve gone out of our way to master this process, so you don’t have to. You’ll get a perfect little set of Arlo’s House briefing questions, which will ease you through the process, helping you to clearly describe your brand, audience and vision to your illustrator. In fact, why not request a set right now? 


We know you’re busy. And hungry to get that vision of yours illustrated and ready for your target audience ASAP. That’s why at Arlo’s House we’ve made it our business to cut to the chase. We won’t waste your time with multiple middlemen, tedious back-and-forths or long unnecessary chats over coffee. Simply pick the style that fits, shoot over your project details immediately, and start briefing your chosen illustrator today.



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Once upon a time…

Two men and a dog embarked on an epic quest to unite the most gifted freelance illustrators alive today.

The two art-loving pals, James and Konrad, had a vision. To offer businesses like yours more professionalism, talent and expertise than your average ‘lone-ranger’ illustrator. But a personal touch (and affordable prices) you just can’t get with a big old design agency.

Each illustrator was cherry-picked from amongst the masses and had their own unique style. Their own forte. Their own wealth of industry experience.

Folks used to say that our dog, Arlo, was the one pulling the strings around here. And that’s why we’ve come to be known as Arlo’s House… Pull up a seat and make yourself at home!

Our illustrators have worked with…




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What our customers have to say

  • “Jamie’s early concepts were great and he demonstrated a solid approach to project management and fair fees. He is skilled at accurately interpreting a brief and bringing creative flair to a design process whilst being sure to deliver on the client’s needs. The end result was a project identity that we were all very happy with, on time and on budget.”

    Emma Frost – Head of Communities, ‘Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park’
  • “I’m very proud of the way our logo looks. It’s now being used on our fantastic swing sign, beer mats, menus and the website. Fred understood completely what would work and we’re in debt to him for the part he had to play in the restoration of the Cock and Bottle.

    Thanks Fred!”

    Zubaida Lazim, ‘The Cock & Bottle’
  • “Frequently our customers comment on how organised and well designed our identity is. Not only do they, as do we, love the fluid, graphic simplicity of Freddie Darke’s artworks.

    Freddie has been an immense resource of ideas, and has been able to respond successfully to briefs at the shortest of notice. The publicity he has helped us create has no doubt had a significant impact on the success of our events.”

    Søren Hawes, ‘Le Barbacane’
  • “He listens. He gets it. Then he goes away and gives it his twist. From what I have seen of his other more contemporary work, he appears to listen to (or eavesdrop on) the world extremely acutely.

    So if you want a different perspective on your idea or brief, you should definitely get Freddie
    to lend you his ears.”

    Kevin Millicheap, ‘Boz and the Boy’
  • “We wanted our day to be perfect. We had a really clear vision of what we wanted and what came back was just extraordinary. The quality was amazing, the way in which she had listened to us and delivered exactly what we had imagined was unbelievable.

    I can’t thank her enough for the part she played in an amazing day. It was a real pleasure to work with her.”

    Jo & James Mackie
  • “I was impressed by her hand-lettering skills and charming illustrations. (…) I wanted to work with Rachel again so when a suitable opportunity arose on one of my next books I recommended her to Scholastic.

     Rachel is pleasant to work with and I was very pleased with her illustrations, too.”

    Annette Peppis, Book & Publishing Design Expert
  • “Rachel produced powerful illustrations that were incredibly special – they were amongst our favourites and are used worldwide.

    Aside from her illustrative talents, she was an absolute pleasure to work with and I hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the future.”

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